Time(less) T-Shirt

time_shirt.jpgThe Digital Clock T-Shirt is the perfect solution for anyone who hates to wear watches but still likes to know what time it is.

Or just for fun and spice up ones and the fellow people around ones life.

The Digital Clock T-Shirt comes only in black and has a electro-luminescent panel on the front that displays the current time in glowing green numbers.

The EL-technology on clothing is fairly robust, thin and light weight and can go through a conventional clothing cleaning = hand washing process.

In case the static display of time doesn’t fit your style, you can select up to 8 different flashing patterns or even switch it to a stopwatch mode.

Before washing, the Battery pack that contains also the small control electronic needs to be removed.

The shirt is powered by 4  AAA batteries which are in a small pocket inside the shirt and will last between 12-36 hours depending on the flashing mode selected.

The Digital Clock T-Shirt is available from the on-line store of LatestBuy.com.au for $ 45.-

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