Targus Sonic Corporate Backpack with NXT stereo speaker

Targus_Sonic_Corporate_backpack.jpg Targus® Inc., maker of top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories, added a boom-bag for the corporate folks looking for a unique way to spice up the often ‘grey’ business world.

The Sonic Corporate Backpack is an all-in-one kit optimized for audio presentations. The sound comes from a NXT stereo speaker zipped to the front and produces loud, clear audio from most music sources, including notebooks.

When audio is needed for a presentation, the speaker can be detached to reveal a foldable stand, a smart idea as the backpack does not have to stay in front of your presentation. 3x AA batteries give playback time for hours.

While on the road to the next meeting you can turn up the tunes to energize or relax – just watch out if the people around you share your musical taste. While on a business trip, the Sonic Corporate Backpack let’s you listen in the hotel room to your favorite tunes form any MP3 or notebook without the need for earphones.

Made from a lightweight and durable nylon with scratch-resistant lining, the backpack has an internal notebook holder, pocket for MP3 players, and enough space for all other office essentials.

All in all, bags with integrated speaker like the Sonic Corporate Backpack do offer great value when it comes to the need for a quickly set up, simple but still very reasonable sounding audio system in the corporate as well in the leisure world.

The Sonic Corporate Backpack is available from authorized Targus retailers across Europe for a suggested retail price of € 99,90 ($ 147.20)


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