Fiber optic light glove

fiber_optical_glove.jpgGetting stuff done like repairing something in dark places requires a good light management to be sure you can see what needs to be seen. I came across a lot of artistic solutions ranging from setting up as many spotlights to make sure every corner possible needed is light up. Strapping a flashlight on the hand is another often used technique.

It was always my dream to have light coming out of my fingers in such situations without having a bulky glove or other ‘click on’ devices to my hands which would make my fixing stuff work difficult again.

Designer Tilen Sepic might have a solution to transform my hand into a flashlight: the fiber optic light glove. His concept is based on fiber optics which makes a slim and sleek integration of light into a finger tip possible.

The battery pack and white, high brightness LEDs are fitted into the gloves wristband. To get the light to places where needed, e.g. index finger tip or in Tilen’s concept also to the inner balm of the hand for diffused illumination, the light is carried via optical fiber to those points.


We have seen gloves with illuminated finger tips before but they are more for fun and fashion. The fiber optic light glove from Tilen Sepic would have a much more practical use if they would hit Home Depot shelves one day.

[Design Boom via Gizmo Watch]


  1. Hi, I’m Hanson. I’m from the biggest POF manufacture company in China. Your productis really innovative. Is it made by POF? Are you using Japan POF?

    Would you please tell me more about it? and will you consider choicing my POF?

    My email is or Pls feel free to contact me.

  2. Hi Rich,
    I too would like to have a pair of them but looking around the Internet, I haven’t found them yet in any shops :(

  3. Hello,
    My name is Franca Rynne and I am Michelle Barone’s manager! We are going on tour in July 2010. We will be on tour for 2 months and we are looking for body lights! Is this product going to be made???

    Franca Rynne

  4. these gloves are an exelanty piece of technology well done and being english i am of coarse going to copy the desighn

  5. hi im lawrie hayes and i work in a hospital and i would like to buy a glove or 2 for work but i have been looking all over the net for a shop that sell them but i can find one. so what i am asking is has the glove been made to be sold or is it some thing makers are going to keep for thenself or sell and make money out of it… so get back to me please

  6. how it will be use… actuly i am working in a hospital so its important for that works.. so plz inform me….

  7. What would everyone find these gloves useful for?
    Cool i dea but im not really sure who would buy them?
    Also what is the advantage of these over a head torch for example?

  8. is this available in market now?

    i can be contacted @ +65 96903148 for discussion into long term business. thanks.

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