KILLA interactive apparel for the B-boy / B-girl culture

Interactive_apparel.jpgInteractive fashion is getting another exiting addition coming from Vancouver based KILLA, a brand representing lifestyle by redefining Hip-Hop Apparel.

With four styles gearing up to hit retail shelves in the Fall ’09 season, Killa aims to redefine hip-hop clothing. The four styles include reinterpretations of classic designs including a peacoat and an infantry coat. The collection is rounded out with two hoodie styles.

Killa is participating in QIO Systems eSystem merchandising program which enable retailers to purchase electronics directly from QIO Systems for accessory sales alongside of the garments.

The four styles have QIO Systems advanced textile controls integrated as ‘default’, giving the option to consumers to upgrade the coats and hoodies at purchase or at a later point when wanted.

A great concept we hope to see more such ‘flexible’ interactive apparel options in future.

It’s not (anymore) an iPod coat or jacket, it’s what you decide to control with by selecting out of range of supported products and functions that will become available at the time KILLA launches the new models.



The suggested retail price ranges from $159.99 to $249.99 including electronics.

KILLA’s gives us an idea of how the next generation of interactive apparel will look: clothing ready for the action.

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