talk2myHand – Swany G-CELL cellphone glove

swany_g_cell_glove.jpgSwany presented their Red-Dot award winning G-CELL™ during this years ispo winter 2008. The innovative G-CELL™ combines a high quality ski glove with an integrated Bluetooth cellphone link making it the first commercially high tech glove on the ski slopes.

The G-CELL™ has a microphone and speaker integrated as well as the call and end button, a light to give visual indication as well as a vibration function to indicate an incoming call. The integrated battery has power for 4 hours of chatting and 12 hours of standby time. A voice command dial system completes a fully featured cellphone function on your hand.

Available just in time for the coming winter sport season the g.cell has an suggested retail price of $495.- If this seems a bit of a steep price tag consider you get a high end ski glove with a fully featured Bluetooth handsfree device. Not so bad after all.

Gone are the times you had to rummage through your pockets to get on your cellphone only to discover your caller lost patients and gave up. With the G-CELL™ you are always one hand gesture away from your face to pick up all the important calls.

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