Voltaic Generator Solar briefcase – are we there now?

voltaic_generator_solar_bri.jpgIt’s eight month since Voltaic announced the ambitious Generator Bag the should be able to supply even notebooks with enough power from the sun to run smoothly of the grid.

The 17 watt of power generation would be the most powerful solar bag on the market and I really would like to see if this is possible. But there might be finally and end to the long wait, Voltaic’s site got updated showing the new solar panels we have written about it which should be according to Voltaic more powerful as the previously planned to use solar panel.

Though Voltaic still shows the ‘shipping soon’ message on their site I have found an online store called ‘MoMA Store‘ who will sell the Generator Bag for $ 598.- with estimated stock available on Aug 30.

Let’s cross our fingers that this time the Generator see the (sun) light at the end of a long development tunnel and is ready to hit the road. Might be just the briefcase you have been looking around for the back-to-school preparation.


  1. I’m interested to collaborate in the distribution of your new labtop solar generators in the West African region.
    Dr.Joe Okeke
    26 ziks Avenue,P.O.Box 550

  2. Hello Am Alfred lambet and i will like to buy some solar generator from your Shop,i will again need to Know the Type of Payment you do Accept and the Prices Thank You.

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