Textronics offers heart rate monitor developer’s kit

NuMetrex_Top_Gear.jpg Textronics, who’s textile sensor is used to make one the most fashionable heart rate sensing sports apparel follows the trend in the wearable electronic industry by offering a developer’s kit for their heart rate textile sensors.

The Developer’s Kit contains a large selection of Textronics textile sensors (12x), different types of knit tubes with snaps, a knitted chest strap and wrist cuff. Also included are 2 transmitters and conductive sewing thread. The transmitters are compatible with most analog heart monitors in the market like the one from Polar.

Available for $100.- this richly stuffed tool box enables a quick start to experiment with the principles and apply them in new sport apparel designs or test them out for other wellness and heart monitoring apparel.

The launch of DIY and Developer Kits is always very welcome as it gives the opportunity for students, designer and DIY enthusiasts to have access to industrial grade components and materials. This allows focusing on the creative integration part of interactive clothing and takes away the sometimes time-consuming replication or simulation of such available technologies.


With this kit you can fit out your friends and family with self made high tech sport clothing, a nice way to say: get in shape.


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