Illum – cool Cycling jacket with an illumination twist

ILLUM_Cycling_Jacket.jpgTwo highly creative design companies, Goose Design (Jenni Arksey) and product design agency PDD (Simon Browning), developed the coolest cycling jacket concept on the planet. If there would be an Olympic medal for sport apparel design, I would give the ILLUM Cycling Jacket the gold medal.

Combining safety and fashion, the ILLUM jacket is based on emerging wearable technologies such as printed electroluminescent ink and printed photovoltaic technology (solar power), 360 degrees around the body and cut into several ergonomic panels with red light at the back and white light at the front.

The illumination effect is powered by a solar charged thin film battery which activates the lighting via a transparent conductive layer.The photovoltaic elements are placed at the shoulders and top of the back. The illumination elements can be switched on/off via a soft switch on the sleeve at will making them discretely hidden when not used.


The collaboration between PDD and Goose Design merge technology with fabric in a piece of apparel designed that addresses aspects of safety, fashion and day-to-day functionality.

The jacket is designed to meet the needs of all types of cyclist in a style that would comfortably help cyclists to stand out on the road, but not in a crowd.


The ILLUM Cycling Jacket is the coolest cycling jacket on the planet – once it becomes reality.

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