DIY – fabric bend sensor

fabric_bend_sensor.jpg Instructables member Plusea (Hannah Perner-Wilson) keeps on adding very inspirational wearable electronic DIY projects to her portfolio. Last time we have posted about a simple but very effective Flexible Fabric Pressure Sensor. This time we have a short overview of the Fabric Bend Sensor which can be of creative use in many different interactive fashion projects.

The materials needed for this projects are: conductive fabric, Velostat and neoprene. Sources fro the materials are given by Plusea but they are off the shelf and cheap. The sensor creation is very simple. What you also need is some electronic and software to make the sensor interact with whatever you want to use it. Plusea has some tips on that as well in her instructions.

This bend sensor decreases in electrical resistance when pressure is applied so it’s basically a pressure sensor but because the conductive fabric is sandwiched between two layers of neoprene which is soft and elastic, pressure is exerted while bending which allows to measure the bend (angle) via pressure applied.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

Check out the detailed overview on how to make the fabric bend sensor on Instructables.

Have fun and get inspired for your own interactive fashion project. Maybe this is something for a game control glove/suit/shoe – the possibilities are endless.

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