WEEL Technologies enriches Interactive Fashion design

WEEL_Technologies.jpg WEEL Technologies, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Wearable Electronic launched their new website targeted to designers and developers of Fashion, Action Sports, Fitness and Health apparel as well as soft goods (bags).

The wearable electronic modules WEEL Technologies offers is huge and diverse ranging from soft remote controls named China Coin, Amp’d, ‘Hey DJ’, ‘Gen5′ and ‘WEELEE’ to wearable speakers for beanies, apparel and bags with names like ‘Conch’, ‘Nautilus’, ‘Ripple’ and ‘NXT’ and illumination solutions named ‘Searchlight’, ‘Light Wire’, ‘Light In A Pocket’ and ‘Light Panel’.

Unique wearable systems with names like ‘Hot Apparel’, ‘Cool Mist’ and ‘GPS Pod’ as well as an ‘off grid’ Solar Power solution named ‘Solar Flare’ make WEEL’s portfolio the largest wearable electronic toolkit available as a one-stop-shop from which apparel and bag designer can choose.

We designed our website for apparel, bag and footwear designers and product developers of Fashion / Action Sports / Fitness / Health soft goods who want to get their hands on Wearable Electronic components and systems to just drop them into their existing lines without having to deal with the time or hassle of trying to make Wearable Electronic components or systems work. Our products integrate with each other across categories which makes it easy for starting simply or simply going crazy,” says WEEL Technologies General Manager Michael Corbett.

The diverse offer from WEEL Technologies provides not only ‘ready for use’ solutions but serve as inspiration for fashion designers looking into new apparel and bag concepts that go far beyond the traditional way clothing was made the last few hundred years.

Adding sensible, useful and fun providing elements to our clothing and bags will become easier and cheaper for designer and manufacturer with this wearable electronic toolkit.

WEEL Technologies invites designers and students to call up samples of the many different wearable electronic functions to test and explore the countless possibilities those modules provide for interactive fashion items.

[source: PressReleaseSpider.com]

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