Back to Schoolwear – iPod enabled jackets

iPod_girls_jacket.jpgUK’s high street retailer, Marks and Spencer, launched interactive blazer and winter coats for girls and boys looking for a cool outfit for the coming School year.

The Marks and Spencer 2008 Back to School collection is for the first time offering in the interactive fashion sector girl and boy cuts in different styles. It’s also a move towards the younger generation of consumers as this segment was until now badly served as  only ‘grown ups’ got their interactive iPod clothing.

But especially young consumers are more open to explore the diverse facets of fashion and function. I can imagine that many girls and boys would like to get their hands on into one of those coats or blazers.

The coat and blazer are ‘made for iPod’ featuring Fibretronic‘s five function keypad controller discretely built into the lapel area of the inside lining.

Marks and Spencer’s 2008 Back to School collection is optimized for wear comfort as well as for the use of an iPod on the go: a strategically placed iPod pocket which doesn’t bulge, an iPod connector with a hidden circuit, concealed controls for operating the settings, lapel loops concealing the earphone wires.

The blazer is available in girls and boys sizes from age ten to age sixteen and retails at £25.00 to £30.00 ($47.- to $57.-). The winter coat for girls and boys ages ten to sixteen is retailing at £35.00 to £40.00 ($76.- to 66.-) all models directly available by Marks and Spencer.


This (low) price point makes it very affordable to get a ‘my first interactive fashion’ item for the coming School term.


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