QIO Systems textile touch pads for fashion designer

QIO_fabric_keypad.jpg QIO Systems which licensed the ElekTex and SOFTswitch technologies is putting back the textile keypad into the interactive fashion world.

A wealth of information is available on QIO System’s new Website showing the solutions QIO is offering to the fashion brands and manufacturers.

Next to the fabric keypad QIO Systems offers a wide range of electronic modules with control functions for the iPod, Bluetooth cell phones, wearable radio, Push-to-talk solutions and complete solution for integrated heating and integrated lighting into garments and soft goods.

Some of these modules are available while others are in the making. All this promises many new things to come to our interactive fashion world.

Some of the advantages of QIO Systems fabric keypad: it is fully textile and as such can we washed or dry-cleaned, it is thin (less than 2mm) and light weight (2gms), it guaranties 100,000 key presses and is used in thousand of garments all over the world.


To enable designer, developer and students to experience the advantage of using QIO Systems technology for their interactive fashion designs, QIO opened it’s store to get test samples of the keypad and control modules.

If you are working on your next future fashion item then check out the store and see if there is something you want to use in your next collection.


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