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celio_club_iPod_Jacket.jpg Celio, a men’s ready-to-wear fashion brand from France is launching the Celio Club Suit, an iPod compatible mens extending their innovative collection of sports and casual wear, a masculine yet relaxed fashion style of its city-wear range, Celio Club.

The Celio Club Suit will be the third iPod ready mens suit after Marks and Spencer and Bagir offered an iPod Suit in their collection last year. Celio’s Club Suit is using the brand new textile controls from QIO Systems which combines the most advanced e-textiles technologies: Eleksen’s Elektex and SOFTSwitch.

The re-emergence of those technologies via QIO Systems creates expectations on ‘things to come’ in the interactive fashion world.

The cooperating between QIO Systems and a cool fashion label like Celio which is represented in more than 40 countries with over 600 points of sale across the globe is a good sign that wearable electronic will become again diverse and feature rich.

The Club Suit places the iPod controls discretely on the breast label inside. Dedicated pockets for iPod and control module are placed strategically in order not to bulge, making the iPod ‘invisible’ from the outside.

The Celio Club Suit will come to the stores in France on September 17. at a price of €179,00 ($277.-) for the jacket and €59,90 ($92.70) for the color and style coordinated trousers.

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