iPod speaker cases for the beach

iPod_speaker_case_roxy.jpgYour precious iPod is in great danger on the beach. Sand, water and sun creme are natural enemies of our electronic gadgets. Getting some protection for such times of danger might be a good idea.

A great looking option comes from Sonic Impact which offers a range of iPod cases with integrated speakers to protect your iPod and allows you to listen to your tunes without the need of having your sweaty ears covered with headphones.

The cute Roxy Edition comes in a nice, colorful flower pattern targeted to the iPod girls and is available for $119.99. The cool looking Quicksilver Edition sells for $99.95 on the Apple store or for $119.99 directly by Sonic Impact’s online store.

iPod_speaker_case_Quiksilve.jpgTo give a decent sound quality to the iPod case, Sonic Impact uses aluminum cone neodymium drivers combined with their and advanced Maxxbass technology that provides an enhanced bass response while minimizing distortion.

4x AA batteries will last a whole day but if you plan to use this cases as a backup in your home, there is an AC power adapter included as well.

The specifically engineered hard case protects the speakers and iPod while traveling or hanging around on the beach.

Both iPod speaker cases have a clock integrated that wakes you up when it’s time to turn around and let the sun hit your other side as well to ensure a well done 360 degree coffee brown color shade.


  1. could be nice to be able to control the ipod once the bag is closed and still listen to the music. Maybe acceleros to change songs and pressure sensors to control the volume…

    Softbuttons could also do the trick, and of course for recharging, the bag should include some high efficient solar panels :)


  2. Hi j*b,
    a great makeover proposal from an creative mind – would be indeed a ‘killer’ housing for the iPod, companies are just too conservative to see the big picture 😉

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