Stay cool with a Cool Shirt

Cool_Shirt.jpgSummer heat is reaching maximum levels, at least around our area here and everyone is getting inventive to cool down a bit. To keep me cool during work, I searched if there is something like a cool shirt.

Sure enough there is. I found a company called Cool Shirt® which makes – Cool Shirts, seriously.

During winter times we write about heated jackets and gloves so why not piking up technology enhanced cooling shirts.

Cool Shirt® has a wide range of solutions on Cool Shirts statring with small, portable solutions up to industrial size Cool Shirt solutions. The smallest and most likely version for casual consumers is the ‘Port-A-Cool System‘.

This is an easy way to get quick, instantaneous relief from the heat. A non-flammable CFC-free freezing agent is supplied through a system of over 50ft of medical grade capillary tubing stitched to the front and back of the Cool Shirt®.

The replaceable 12oz can of Port-A-Cool freezing spray gives a quick relieve from the heat with a push of a button.

If you look for a longer lasting cooling, let’s say for a long distance drive with a none-aircon equipped car, the ‘Portable Bag System‘, powered by a 12V battery might be your cool choice. Maybe there could be a version using solar panels to supply power for the cooling unit. Where there is sun there is the need for cooling – right?

The ‘Port-A-Cool System’ comes for a cool $179.90 Having a cool head can be priceless.

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