Smart designed Solar power Clothing

solar_suit.jpgSolar jackets and bags are hot items, they are in line with our increased environmental awareness and can give us the extra hour of talk time or Net surfing we need so baldly for our digital life.

Integrating solar cells into clothing or bags can be a style challenge as those solar cells come mostly in brownish color and its distinctive cell pattern.

A a team at North Carolina State University came up with a brilliant idea how to make use of digital textile printing to incorporate unusual components into a design by printing fabric that matches the pattern of the component.

As an example of how digital textile printing can be used to make the solar panels invisible is the solar jacket and the solar tie.

Digital textile printing might not always be the solution but in certain cases it is a great method to hide or enhance visually the added technology.

Besides the idea of pattern printing to completely integrate the solar panels, I like the idea of the Solar-Tie, a great concept to charge the cell-phone of our business folks on-the-go.


Read more about this project on the Website of the Department of Textile and Apparel, Technology & Management at North Carolina State University.


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