DIY – Firefly Baby Booties

Firefly_Baby_Booties.jpgA cute little DIY project from Portuguese couple Ana Pires and João Silva demonstrates how to make a first wearable electronic outfit for your little one – Firefly Booties.

The fireflies on the Baby Booties are lit up with an LED powered by a hidden CR2016 lithium battery. You can find very detailed instructions on how to make the firefly booties on Craftzine or on the Etsy How-To page.

The Firefly Baby Booties have made ‘huge waves’ since they where submitted to the Michael Miler Baby Bootie Contest organized by Craftzine and led to the posting of the DIY instruction by Ana Pires and João Silva.

As the firefly booties contain small electronic components on a baby article you do have to pay attention to the safety precautions Ana Pires and João Silva attached to their DIY instruction.

Head over to either place above and check out the beautiful simplicity of this fireflies, a cute little weekend project.

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