Skullcandy 2008 Audio Pack gives your ears a break

SkullCandy_Audio_PackUsing earphones for too long can be painful and you might wish to have an alternative. The Audio Pack from SkullCandy might be something you want to have a look at when you shop around for the back-to-school gear. Skullcandy’s 2008 Audio Packs come in 3 different color ways with improved audio system for advanced sound quality.

The Audio Pack let’s you control on/off, track forward/back, and volume functions of any iPod from a touch pad on the shoulder strap. The best feature on the Audio Pack is the integrated sound coming from two 60mm waterproof speakers hidden in the shoulder straps, giving you the choice of listening to your tunes without the need of earphones.

SkullCandy’s shoulder strap speakers are still more of an personal sound system unlike other boom bag types which are comparable to the 80s boom box trend.

External speakers might be good at some times to give your ears a break from prolonged use of earphones but it might not be a good idea if you are among other members of the society who might not share your musical taste.

SkullCanby’s new range is available on their online store for $129.95 but we have found some places on the Interweb where you can get them for just $99.99 check it out here, here or here.

Get you iPod loaded, put all your stuff in the Audio Pack and back-to-school doesn’t look as bad as usually.

[via: ChipChick]

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