Voltage Bags control your iPod

voltage_iPod_Messengerbag.jpgWhat’s in your Bag? I am sure a lot of essential stuff and if you have an iPod, you should have an iPod protecting and controlling bag.

Voltage Bags, a Smart Fabrics Asia Pacific owned bag brand has top quality, gorgeous looking, iPod and iPhone controlling bags you will fall in love.

Made of high quality materials and full of features you would expect from an high-end messenger bag or backpack. Both Voltage bag models come with the brand new 5 Button Linear CONNECTEDwear iPod controls from Fibretronic which have a low profile design allowing seamless integration into the shoulder strap. Fibretronic’s new keypad design gives a soft but distinctive ‘click’ feeling confirming that you have pressed a button.

The five button controls on both bags include the functions: On/Off/Play/Pause, Prev/Next and volume Up/Down. The new Voltage bags work with all 30-pin iPods including iPod touch and iPhone. Currently the Voltage bag controller only operates the iPod part of the iPhone and does not allow to make/answer calls, something that would be on my ‘must have’ list in a next version.

Setting up the Airplane/iPod mode on the iPhone is easy, check out the detail instruction on the Voltage FAQ page.


The Voltage Messenger bag comes in three color ways – Black/Red, Orange/Pistachio and Beige/Blue – available directly by Voltage for US$119.-

Voltage’s Backpack comes in the colors Black/Red and goes for US$139.- available directly by Voltage.

The Voltage bags look hot and we will test drive carry one soon. Check back again and read our first hand review.

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