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talk2myShirt_logo.jpgOur frequent readers of talk2mySirt have noticed we have change the style of our blog. We did keep the base character the same but made a ‘fresher’, ‘brighter’ look and feel.

Our motivator behind the style change is to make browsing through our growing information data base as easy and convenient as possible. We moved all navigation items to the right screen side. We have added to a more easier to browse ‘Category’ section the ‘Archives’ to browse along the time line. A tag cloud has been added as well to give you a quick view what our main focus is on.

Subscription for our email updates and rss can be found right on the top, easy to see and quick to reach.

This new style is more flexible when it comes to expansion and adding new functions which we will do as we see the need or get suggestion from our readership.

At this point we would like you our dear reader to give us your valuable opinion and suggestions what you would like us to add or change. Our aim is to make browsing our blog as easy and fast as possible.

What we did not change and will not change is the content. We keep on searching restlessly for new products in the wearable electronic market, for new technologies to report about and introduce initiatives and works from all the creative people around the world who share with us the enthusiasm into wearable electronic and intelligent clothing.


  1. I definitely think it’s an improvement, but the old logo now sticks out like a sore thumb.
    I understand that you may be attached to the logo, but it looks very 1990s – the distressed grunge font, the drop shadow etc.

    However, the content is what’s really important, and that’s why I keep reading this site.
    Thank you.

  2. hi Peak, thanks for your feedback. We do think about a refreshment of our logo but so far nothing came up we jumped on. I appreciate to have you as reader and you are right – first priority is content – content is king around here

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