Jansport Wired Puffer Jacket for iPod

jansportwomenipodjacket.jpgjansportmenipodjacket.jpgThe Janpsort Men’s (right side) and Women’s (left side) Wired Puffer Jacket will transform your winter. Light down insulation keeps you warm, and an awesome iPod set-up lets you integrate your iPod into your coat.

Your iPod is held in a protective inner pocket, while the fabric keypad on the Puffer Jacket’s chest gives you full access to the iPod’s features. The cord management inside the jacket neatly stores your headphone wires. This system is compatible with video iPod, regular iPod, iPod nano, and iPod mini.

While you’re rocking out, the quilted water-resistant shell sheds light snow and rain, and the duck down insulation regulates your temperature. Hand-warmer pockets keep your mitts warm when you’re going gloveless, and the hood’s removable fur-lining gives you a new look when you want it.

The Wired Puffer Jackets are available in a range of different sizes and colors and cost around $180.-

The Wired Puffer Jackets are available for online order for example by rai.com or Zappos.com

With the Wired Puffer you are best equipped to resist the colder weather, when you’re less likely to want to undo your jacket to access your iPod and you’re more likely to be wearing gloves. (The iPod control pad works well with gloves.)

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