Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra

wearlinkbra.jpg The NuMetrex™ Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra uses unique textiles to sense and respond to the body. This sports bra is designed to give women the option to wear a strapless heart rate monitor.

The NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra works with the Polar WearLink™ Transmitter. It will also connect to most fitness machines that have the Polar Link technology integrated.

The sensors are knitted direct into the fabric of the seamless bra. The use of conductive yarn makes it completely integrated into the textile and gives the highest wearing comfort.

NuMetrex™ offers 2 different colors: white and blue.


The complete System, containing the Bra, a WearLink™ Transmitter and a Polar® FS1 watch costs US$115.00. If you have already a WearLink™ Transmitter and a Polar® watch, the Bra alone costs US$45.00

You can directly order the Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra under the following link: shopping


  1. This shows that you can be comfortable,and safe.Some are trying to kill sport bras as outer-wear ALTOGETHER,and I think that’s just wrong!Girls have ALWAYS worn these as their’ top,and it was NEVER a problem,why are “they”trying to make it one now?Stupid pervs…

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