E-Traces your dance moves

E-TracesOne of the most mesmerizing and creative Wearable Electronic designs I have come across lately is E-Traces by Lesia Trubat González.

Elsie fitted ballet shoes with pressure sensors, accelerometer and Arduino magic to capture the movements of the dancer’s feet. The signals are send wirelessly to a electronic device such as a smart phone.

The App running on that device visualizes the sensor data graphically in different forms. The movements look almost like calligraphic characters.

The movement graphic can be overlaid on the video of the dance performance, providing an additional layer of artistic expression.

Elsie envisions her E-Traces design is not limited to ballet dance, it could add artistic expression to any other dance discipline, could be used for self-learning or dance classes.

E-Traces is a highly inspirational design, it demonstrates that Wearable Technology does not always have to be “functional”, wearable technology can and should be used to enrich our senses.

Use this and similar wearable technology designs as source of inspiration and maybe there are some elements or ideas in the artistic projects that might very well suit the needs and functional wishes of the mass market.


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