Safe Ride Cycling Jacket

Safe-Ride-Cycling-JacketTwo students from Mexico’s National Autonomous University have created a “Safe Ride” jacket to increase the lifespan of cyclists in their city.

The “Safe Ride” jacket as they call their design is very similar to the mother of all turn signal jackets: The Turn-Signal Jacket invented by Leah Buechley in 2008.

Personally I am surprised the Turn-Signal Jacket concept has not been picked up by bicycle apparel brands. Everyone is talking about how to increase road safety of bicycle riders but to walk ride the talk – nothing to be seen.

The Turn-Signal jacket is such a brilliant and simple design, it’s not rocket science to turn this into a manufacturable product.

Reuters News Agency Safe Ride Jacket picked up the story of the two students and subsequently it was redistributes by many media outlets, creating a blink of an LED in the timeless talk of road safety for cyclists.

The two students, Damian Real and Riberto Rivas, have the safety of the fellow citizen in mind when creating the Safe Ride Cycling Jacket. The LED matrix is split into three areas, left and right to indicated turns clearly visible during night time when raising the arm. The center of the back panel lights up constantly an animated LED pattern to maximize visibility towards following cars.

One more feature Damian and Riberto added to the Safe Ride jacket, the ability to call for help in the event of an accident via a smart phone. Acceleration is monitored and if there is a sudden change in the acceleration it might indicate a accident happened. In that case the smartphone is used to send an emergency message together with the exact location to a relative or friend. If the sudden stop was not connected to an accident the cyclist can cancel the alert message before it is send out automatically.

That is a clever addition to the Safe Ride jacket. Cycling is not safe in any big city anywhere in the world or maybe …. in Holland where the bicycle rules.

Here is the Safe Ride jacket video posted by Reuters including a interview with Damian and Riberto.


  1. We, in the Netherlands, have bicycle rules, one is bicycle should have front and rear light installed ON the bike and in working condition.
    Second we have streetlights everywhere and that helps a lot. Next, bicycles ride on bicycle pavements/sideroads. One who refuses to turn on the light at night [bike light or safety jacket alike] has a big chance to be hit at one time everywhere.

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