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LilyPadArduinoWhile companies search for the next  killer application in Wearable Technology a fast growing community of Makers, Students, Artists and home-brew creatives in the DIY community generate inspiring designs with wearable technologies.

The advantage of Makers, Artists and home-brew enthusiasts is they do not have to consider cost, robustness of design and production limitation as designer and engineers have to consider in a corporate setting.

It is important and essential for uncharted fields like Wearable Technology to have a playground, a experimental mindset, pioneers to test the waters so to speak, to step beyond perceived limits and create amazing designs. This unleashed creativity without borders can lead the way to the next killer application.

During the past 2 years, being fully engaged in development work I made sure to check out regularly my favorite sites for inspiration and to stay up-to-date with the latest activities and developments in the wearable technology community.

Places like the eTextile Lounge managed by Lynne Burning or Adafruit’s Wearable Electronics section curated by Becky Stern are the hottest, most updated places on the Internet when looking for Wearable Technology inspiration.

How To Get What You Want, managed by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson is a must visit place not only for wearable technology beginner but also for seasoned wearable technology maker. The site has grown immensely over the past few years with material reviews, tons of examples and instructions.

Whenever I do development work for clients my place to go for components and materials needed to fabricate first prototype samples, Adafruit’s Wearables online shop as well as Sparkfun’s Wearables online shop save a lot of time, they are one-stop-shops for wearable electronics. Both offer almost everything one needs to bring ideas into reality.

Besides the great places I mentioned above there are many more, sites compiling Wearable Technology project infos from creators and makers and others, offering unique components and materials not covered by other online shops.

In order to keep this post reasonable short without overloading it with links I will come back to this topic very soon and share infos of the many other great places I found in the wearable technology space.

I love to dive deep into the maker and creator community of Wearable Electronics – a highly motivated and inspiring community spanning the entire globe.


  1. I currently work in education and wearable technology was extremely expensive, i came across a company called possytronics who produce lighting kits that are sewn directly into the students projects, we currently use a tilt switch kit with in our bag project. The movement of the bag, turns the lights on and off. These kits start from £1.99 so are affordable for all students.

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