Rebooting talk2myShirt

reboot_talk2myShirt-280x300Hello and welcome back. It has been over 2 years since I last updated talk2myShirt.

During this time I have not been idle, on the contrary, I have been involved in a (large) number of projects revolving around Wearable Technology.

My work has been challenging at times but  highly interesting and privileged to be part of teams working on the next breakthrough in Wearable Technology.

Wearable Electronic & Technology has come a long way the past 2+ years since I last updated this blog. What was interesting then has virtually disappeared now like iPod enabled clothing and accessories.

Going through the blog archive, some of the highly advanced research projects, promising breakthrough in wearable power or solar panel efficiency, are still where they have been 3 years ago – in experimental stage.

Other Wearable Technologies popped up in those 2+ years, most prominently Fitness bands and more recently smart watches while others where just short lived starlets like Google Glass.

While I am still very much engaged in working with great teams on Wearable Technology related projects I decided to set out and reboot my engagement with Wearable Technology here on talk2myShirt. My plan is to pick up where I left, catching up on the happenings on Wearable Technology around the world and to keep talk2myShirt up-to-date again.

….. phew I have done it! My first talk2myShirt blog entry for a long time. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more frequent updates coming along very soon.


  1. Hey, welcome back :)
    Im happy, that you reactivate this blog ^^
    and looking forward for cool things here :)


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