Fall 2008 Solar fashion from Noon

Noon_Solar_Augusta_solar_ba.jpgIf you are still looking for THE solar bag, you can choose from an even wider range now. Noon Solar put out their latest and greatest collection of solar handbags for the Fall 2008 season.

Noon offers the most fashionable solar bags made from materials carefully chosen for their sustainability, longevity and beauty. As proof point might serve that Noon Solar sold out every collection since it’s first model hit the streets in 2006.

Noon’s solar bags are hot – literally like the new Augusta model coming in three color ways: Ivory, Midnight and Rust at a price point of $412.-

The Augusta model has a two sided design allowing the solar panel to face the sun or your body. It comes with a front pocket that tabs down with collar studs, one 10″ divider pocket, 2 interior zipper pockets – 1 for lithium-ion storage battery and electronics, and antiqued brass hardware.

Noon_Solar_Swayer_solar_bag.jpgNoon Solar has also a new model for the boys, the Sawyer, a messenger style bag with lot of room for your stuff: 2 side pockets measuring 6×6,” 2 pockets under front flap, 2 pen/pencil pockets, 2 interior zipper pockets, one for lithium-ion storage battery and electronic accessories, interior cell phone pocket and small flat pocket – thats basically a complete portable office with it’s own power supply.

The Sawyer has also 3 color ways and goes for $377,- ($479.- for the all black model). Not sure why the all black model costs that much more, maybe it’s because the Macbook in black is also more expensive.

Both models are made of Bavarian, chrome-free, vegetable tanned and dyed, full-grain cowhide leather, hand dyed hemp/cotton fabric with natural pigments, and organic hemp/cotton lining. The greenest fashion bag you will get in the market.

Check out the complete collection on Noon Solar’s Website. Finally, Noon Solar is providing the option to buy directly online via Google Checkout

The bags come with power bank, all the essential standard cable and cable plugs specific for our devices which you have to indicate during checkout. With these bags you are ready to start saving the planet and benefit from free electricity.

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