Hi-Tech Textiles at IFA

IFA in Berlin and it’s equivalent, the CES in Las Vegas, are the must-go events of the year to check out the latest inventions and innovations in the electronic high-tech sector.

Not surprisingly, both events attract the emerging trend of techno-fashion, clothing that gets an electrifying makeover, clothing that brings electronic closer to our skin than personal, pocket devices will ever get.

This years IFA which is winding down it’s show today, gave a snapshot of the current developments of European Haute-Tech fashion brands like German based MOON Berlin or Austria’s UTOPE, headed by fashion designer Wolfgang Langeder.

Wolfgang Langeder’s Supaheroe jacket attracted a lot of interest a few month ago, so it comes to no surprise that he is having big plans to move forward with electrifying fashion.

His current work is inspired by the mesmerizing bio-luminescent color play from Deep-Sea Jellyfish. His aim is to transfer this elusive color play to items we wear. Wolfgang will present his new Hi-Tech collection next year at fashion shows in Milan and Paris.

Watch the video below, recorded from the TV channel DW, providing a view of wearable technology at this years IFA as well as an interview with Wolfgang Langeder.

According to DW, at the IFA 2020 we will see electrified clothing enter the mainstream market, where Hi-Tech fashion probably will occupy much more exhibition space, building a more common sight compared with the current novel status of wearable technology.

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