Solar Buddy bag from Sakku

Sakku_Solar_Buddy.jpgSolar bag manufacturer Sakku from Switzerland has added a new model to their Solar bag range called ‘Buddy’.

This little sunshine Buddy comes in many rainbow colors to match the bright and sunny mood of summer time. As in their previous solar bags, Sakku uses again recycled materials for the bags, offering 100% environmentally sound power/fashion bags.

In their first models, Sakku used old sails from sailing boats to create the solar bags in the most environmental preserving way. The Solar Buddy uses the fabric of recycled sun umbrellas and sunshades which come in many colors and print pattern.

A very unique design twist, reviving ‘sun proven’ materials and giving them a second life, that’s what I would call ‘sustainability par excellence’. The use of those recycled fabrics not only helps to ease the load of our landfills, it also makes each Solar Buddy a unique bag as each bag is produced with slightly different parts of an old sun shade.

Check out all the different style variants of the Solar Buddy bag, an explosion of colors for this cuddly Buddy.


The Buddy is available in two variants: the ‘direct’ charges portable devices directly from the flexible solar panel and the ‘akku’ comes with an integrated rechargeable battery, storing the solar energy continuously.

Sakku has the Buddy available now on their Swiss site with a price range of between € 175.- ($274.68) for the direct model and € 245.- ($384.44) for the akku model. Sakku planes to bring the colorful Sun Buddy to their US online store as well.


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