The not-so-hands-free Glove Phone

Picking up on a recent story by Engadet about the Hi-Fun glove phone they spotted at the IFA in Berlin, Germany I searched around our own talk2myShirt archive and on the internet to see if there has been something similar cooking in the creative community.

And sure enough my search came up with Jason Bradbury who seems to be the inspirational father with his world’s first Phone Glove created back in pre-iPhone times of 2005, featuring basically the same functionality as the Hi-Fun phone glove, serving as not-so-hands-free communication device for cellphones.

Jason took apart a Bluetooth headset and integrated the tiny components like speaker, microphone, electronics and battery in a glove.

A simple enough concept to put together, the pairing is done by the salvaged BT-headset and off you go talk.

Since Jason’s first design others came up in the past years with similar glove hacks like Instructables member Rachel or Halley Profita’s Talk-To-The-Hand-Glove.

My verdict: the (not really) hands-free talking gloves are a fun addition to all the other stuff we buy and wear to get noticed, to stand out of the average but I can’t see a practical use behind that concept other then to be ‘funny’.

Interestingly – gloves have appealed to creative thinkers for a very long time, integrating technology for various purposes. Some are truly helpful like sign language translating, some can help people to gain or regain the use of their hands after injury and some are just there to make us smile.


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