e-Wearable Platform

Apparel fitted with sensors detecting, recording and analyzing movement, physiological data from the wearer or environmental parameters like location, moisture and temperature, light or chemical substances in the air Рall these represent vital and interesting  information in many different application for professional and leisure use.

Wearable technology in form of sensing apparel triggers sheer unimaginable creativity. Innovators challenge the boundaries of the known universe with very smart apparel and usability concepts.

WOVEN, a e-Wearable Platform created by Interaction Designer Patrick Kersten and Game Designer Christiaan Ribbens, both Masters students at the School of the Arts Utrecht (NL) break down the ever softening boundaries between the virtual and the physical, real world.

WOVEN is a piece of garment loaded with bend and heart-rate sensor as input, speakers, shake motors and a 12×12 pixel LED display for feedback and is powered by 3 LilyPad Arduino’s and a LiPo battery. WOVEN links up with the virtual world via a Bluetooth wireless link to connect to the internet via smart-phones with it’s apps or notebooks.

This technology laden garment serves as platform, as a jack-of-all-trades to keep it open for a wide range of different uses, as activity recorder, as gateway to social networks, to interact with buddies in the grey zone between on-line and off-line existences.

To demonstrate the potential and wide variety of uses of the e-Wearable platform, the team worked with experts to create SPOOKY a game that can only be played using the WOVEN, blurring the interaction between the digital and physical life.

Impressive the work of fashion designer Marina Toeters and Melissa Petersen-Bonvie who managed to get all the technology into a very good looking jacket.

Woven – E-wearable (Game) Platform from Christiaan Ribbens on Vimeo.

Check out the e-Wearable Platform for more details on this SPOOKY new wearable tech design.

[via: Engadget]


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