Upgrade your iOS to tshirtOS

London based wearable electronic fashion brand CuteCircuit is my favorite wearable tech company. No other brand is as long in this space and is as much dedicated to wearable tech than CuteCircuit.

It is not only the pioneering work Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, owner of CuteCircuit, pull off in fairly regular intervals, they launched the ‘Illuminated Collection‘ bringing aesthetically beautiful women and mens wear with a magical sparkle to the consumer.

Their latest push in the wearable tech space is the tshirtOS, a wearable, sharable, programmable t-shirt.

How cool would it be to show tweets, FB status and much more, beamed from the cloud to the front of your t-shirt?

The t-tshirtOS will come with a 32×32 grid of tiny LEDs acting as screen concealed underneath the fabric of the shirt, a micro-camera, microphone, accelerometer, speakers and link the t-shirt via a smartphone to the almighty internet cloud.

Sounds like a very challenging and aggressive vision but taking to account the consistency of delivering great ideas-to-products, CuteCircuit might very well be able to get the tshirtOS off the ground.

Right now Ryan want’s to find out how much interest will be from people like you and me to consider owning a tshirtOS. If the crowed is big enough to justify the full development and fabrication we might be able to get our social outfit in the foreseeable future.

Hey Ryan – YES I want one


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