Laser fashion – may the force be with you

I was watching Star Wars over the weekend, got fascinated (again) with the laser thing and looked around if I can find a match between laser and clothing. Sure enough I hit a laser activated T-Shirt called the LazerShirt.

The LazerShirts is the invention of the LazerShirts Team who has successfully run a Kickstarter project about a year ago to bring this cool idea into reality.

The Lazer Shirts come in various styles and of course sizes but all have in common the Lazer feature: paint with an UV light (the Lazer) any form, shape or message on the shirt. Your very personal design will glow in low light clearly visible for about 20-30 minutes after which you can redo again your design.

The magic, interactive glow comes from Phosphorescent pigments in the shirts print. The pigments get energized (exited) when hit by UV (black) light and give off a soft glow until the energy is used up and the print color retains it’s neutral, relaxed status.

The process can be repeated many many times. The LazerShirts are washable, turning it inside out for a gentle washing cycle.

Much better as running around days and weeks with the same message on a T-Shirt. The LazerShirts basically allow status updates on the Shirt – cool. Maybe a LazerShirt 2.0 has a like button somewhere, activated by your friend’s laser pointer – just kidding.

The LazerShirts are a great party or event outfit and can be ordered directly by LaserShirts starting at $24.95 including the Mini UV Lazer or via techno fashion friends over at ThinkGeek.

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