Wearable Sports Tech

Some athletes at the Olympic Games demonstrate how technology could become a part of athletic preparation and performance enhancement.

Olympic team GB gymnast Mimi Cesar used during her game preparation a haptic feedback system, the MotivePro, a ‘Vibrating Suit’ developed at the Visualization Research Unit at Birmingham City University.

MotivePro was initially designed as sensor suit for dancers and musicians, merging the data created during the performer’s movement in space with the performance.

This capability to track precisely movement in space combined with providing haptic feedback via vibration elements on strategic places on the body allows a real-time feedback of complex, acrobatic movements performed by the gymnast.

The real-time feedback allows her to adjust fluidly, bringing the brain and body-motion into perfect sync.

Motion sensing systems with real-time feedback can be of great training assistance in many different sport disciplines where the coordination of body motion is essential.

Wearable tech designs like this or the Hot Pants I talked about yesterday, seem at first suitable only for novel applications but history tells us that once a new technology emerges, the creativity of people find quickly ways to adopt such ground breaking work for the everyday life.

Think about posture related problems which represent a rapidly growing health issue around the globe. Integrating MotivePro and similar technologies into garments for people working in risk professions, risk to insure the spine due to bad sitting habits (yes many of us are in that area) or lifting weights all day would greatly benefit.

The current design of many wearable tech functions like this might not be practical or stylish enough to adopt on a wider scale but take the recent mobile-phone evolution that started out as a brick morphing over a few years to an item of desire, carried around like a jewel.

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