Adidas Adipower heats up Team GB at the Olympics in London

Restarting my blogging activity after a long break with the latest wearable technology news coming from the Olympic games in London.

Adidas designed for the Olympic cyclist team GB Hot pants. No – not the type of hot pants that have been the fashion rage in the 70s.

The Adipower hot pants, actually tracksuit bottoms, help to keep warm the cyclist’s leg muscles to prevent injury. Every fitness enthusiast will well know the danger of cold muscles when heading off for a run or race.

Adipower Hot Pants are designed to keep the muscles at optimal temperature after the warm up training until the moment the cyclist hits the race track.

The heating power is provided the Fibretronic’s HEATwear™ FIR fabric, a lightweight, breathable, 100% fabric system which is integrated into the Adipower Hot Pants for targeted body warming.

We have seen the past few winter seasons outdoor apparel brands integrating textile heating in jackets, boots and gloves. Using textile heating for summer sports apparel is new to me but makes perfectly sense – especially for high performance athletes where a fraction of a second separates winners and losers.

Adidas collaborated with the British Cycling team, the Loughborough University and Fibretronic to create the wearable technology highlight of the 2012 Olympic games.


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