Tactile visualization with the Touch Glove

The Touch Glove created by Ally Seeley is not only a cool eTextile design concept, it does address a rare but occurring problem effecting unfortunate people who loose their tactile feel.

Feeling with the fingers is a essential part of our life. Most of the time we are not even aware how much we rely on our tactile sensing capability. We touch many things we see to aid and confirm our visual impression of an object.

Fire accidents can lead to a prolonged, temporary or even permanent loss of the tactile feel sense. Damaged nerves responsible for tactile feel is another cause for loosing this vital sense.

Ally replaces the loss of tactile feel in fingers with a smart glove, giving a visual feedback of the surfaces touched with the Touch Glove. A textile pressure sensor is integrated in the index finger which picks up the softness / hardness and structure of the surface. The differences in pressure on the sensor is translated into different light pattern emitted by the LEDs embedded at the wrist of the glove.

If you are interested in building your own Touch Glove you can either click over to Ally’s Instructables or take the opportunity and meet Ally in person at the upcoming eTextile Lounge at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 where Ally is hosting one the the eTextile Workshops using her Touch Glove as example how to get started with eTextile Crafting.


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