Liquid iridescence – Structural Color fashion by Amy Winters

It is always fascinating to see Amy Winter’s new collection of color shifting designs. The third year in a row, Amy has been hard working to come up with a new fiber technology to create amazing color changes of her fashion pieces not by battery power but by the dynamic movement of the body.

A collaboration between Amy and researchers at the NanoPhotonics Centre at the Cavendish laboratories (University of Cambridge) resulted in a new type of  fabric, the ‘Polymer Opal’ Lycra. The rubber-like properties of the fibers result in color changes when bended, stretched or twisted.

Using ‘Structural Color’ as focus point for her showcase styles of the A/W 12-13 collection under the label Rainbow Winters, pieces like the Liquid Bodysuit, Liquid Leggings or Liquid Armband demonstrate the amazing properties of the Polymer Opal’ Lycra.

‘Structural Color’ is a type of color generated through diffraction exhibiting a metallic look even though it usually contains no metal. Structural colors can be found in tropical fish, in the wings of tropical butterflies, beetle wings, oil slicks and soap bubbles.

Amy Winters skillfully fuses Science with Fashion. Remarkably, all of her textile innovations do not require electrical energy, maybe not strictly speaking belong to wearable electronic, but the effects are the same.

A magical shift of color shades dynamically activated by body movement or light or water as in her previous collections, creating an active color change that requires a wearer’s action to ignite a rainbow of colors flowing over the garment.

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