Smart Posture Suspenders

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Designer, developer and entrepreneur Tobias Sonne designed the Posture Suspenders to solve a problem most of the notebook and iPad swinging folks are confronted with on a daily basis: slouching behind a keyboard, maltreating the spine and muscles which leads most certain to long-term back pain, headache and more.

Apparently 50% of all working Americans suffer from back pain symptoms each year costing an accumulated $50 billion. The prime suspect for all this pain: slouching, hanging around over prolonged time in a bad posture. As Tobias points out, there are products in the market that promise to help keeping a healthy posture but most of them are very cumbersome to use.

Tobias’ Posture Suspender, a working prototype study he developed at The CoDe Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, uses stripes of conductive stretch fabric attached to a normal pair of suspenders. Any stretch of the suspender will stretch the conductive fabric which in turn changes it’s electrical resistance. This resistance change can be used for all sorts of alerts to the wearer to resume a more healthier posture.

The Posture Suspender prototype uses a vibration motor for the posture alert. The resistance change is send to an Arduino Pro Mini board duct away in the suspenders.

For demonstration purpose Tobias integrated a wireless XeBee link to a PC to visualize the slouching defamation of the wearer.

Yeah I hear you already – I do not like to wear suspenders. My neither but looking through Tobia’s ‘the making off’ photo documentation it should be easy to use a base-layer or undershirt fitted with a smart posture sensor.


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