Communication glove for deaf-blind persons

We have seen a number of wearable tech enhanced gloves supporting the communication between deaf persons and persons who do not understand well the sign language. Such gloves contain sensors which detect gestures and translate this signals into speech.

Researchers Tom Bieling, Ulrike Gollner and Gesche Joost at the Design Research Lab in Berlin, Germany, added a new dimension to communication gloves capable to communicate with deaf-blind persons.

The glove is named after the tactile sign language Lorm, the ‘Mobile Lorm Glove‘. Lorm is a communication form with deaf-blind persons. It is similar to the sign language used to communicate with deaf people with the addition that a blind person receives the message created with finger signs on the back of his or her hand. Lorm is also called ‘hands-on signing’.

The Mobile Lorm Glove is fitted with textile pressure sensors located in the palm of the glove enabling the deaf-blind person to compose a message into his or her hand. This message is then transmitted to a handheld device via Bluetooth – could be a smart phone running an App – and forwarded to the other deaf-blind person.

The receiving message is then converted into tactile feedback pattern generated by small vibration motors located at the back of the glove.

A brilliant concept, based on the Lorm communication method for deaf-blind people and transfers it into our technological lifestyle. In the same way as the person-to-person communication works the Mobile Lorm Glove would be capable to enable deaf-blind people receiving emails or read eBooks. The text of emails or eBooks runs over a conversion and is transmitted to the glove’s tactile vibration sensor network.

[via Fashioning Technology]


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