Smart Clothing to be Safe@Sea

 Safe@Sea is a European Union funded project looking for solutions to eliminate the high causality rate of fisherman at sea.

Fishing is among one of the most dangerous professions especially in bad weather on small boats. Far too often a man goes over board during the battle with the elements.

If that happens, a range of problems come up simultaneously: freezing cold water, a boat speeding away, calling for help. Locating a person in rough sea is almost mission impossible.

There is a range of devices on the market that cater for such emergencies, devices like GPS signal transmitter, a remote control that kills the engine of the boat, distress signal transmitter, flash lights and others.

The problem with all these pocket devices is: they have to be in the pocket all time as nobody anticipates such unfortunate accident. A forgotten GPS or motor-kill remote can end fatal.

This scenario served as starting point for the Safe@Sea project, to integrate some if not all essential emergency functions into a fisherman’s clothing without altering the function and wear comfort of the clothing.

Ideally, the smart fisherman clothing activates most of the emergency functions like giving heat, switching on the flashlight, stopping the boat’s engine or sending a distress signal without the need of the fisherman to think about and actively initiate these functions.

Going overboard unwanted puts a person in distress already – smart fisherman’s clothing could be a great life safer in such dire situations.

The Safe@Sea project will be presented this May at the 5th European conference on Protective Clothing in Valencia and the 10th International Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention in Bilbao both in Spain.

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