Future of Protective Clothing: Intelligent or not

Work-wear, garments catering for the specific needs for various professions are to my opinion a prime market for wearable technology adoption.

Enhancing the safety and/or productivity of professionals is a huge incentive to embrace any idea, any design that serves these to factors.

Life is priceless and higher productivity always justifies investment. Wearable technologies do add primarily functions to clothing; light, sensory, monitoring or alerting, all this inside and within an object that we use like a second skin – our clothing.

The increased focus of research and development into wearable technology is increasingly attracting the interest of established companies and organizations in the protective clothing market.

The upcoming 5th European conference on Protective Clothing carries the title ‘Future of Protective Clothing: Intelligent or not‘ indicating the high interest and expectations on smart, wearable technology.

The symposium serves as a forum for the exchange and discussion of results from research, development and implementation related to personal protective clothing.

This conference, taking place between 29th and 31st May in Valencia, Spain is intended for researchers, designers, manufacturers, purchasers, product safety experts, human factors experts and public authorities as well as end-users, health and safety experts.


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