The world’s longest illuminated skirt

CuteCircuit established itself firmly in the illuminated fashion domain pushing constantly the technological boundaries far out into the future.

Founded by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, CuteCircuit moved from the early days of the Hug Shirt to textile illumination, creating stage-wear for some of the big names in show-biz.

Their latest boundary pushing stage-wear outfit is a 4.5 meter silk chiffon skirt that incorporates thousands of LEDs embroidered onto the fabric.

To enhance the magical light radiation of the LEDs, the silk chiffon is decorated with Swarovski crystals creating an breath taking color shift, cycling through gradient’s of grey ranging from moonlight to diamond.

Anyone who ever made LED light elements in fabrics will be impressed by the amount of work going into the creation of such garment with hundreds and thousands of the little light points attached to the textile – not to speak about the challenge to make sure all the LEDs play nicely in sync to create colorful light waves flowing down the skirt.

Italian singer Laura Pausini is mesmerizing the audience during her Inedito World Tour 2011/2012 with this record breaking skirt.

Besides CutCircuit’s stage-wear design, Francesca and Ryan offer fantastically looking illuminated fashion for the consumer market. You can check out the Spring/Summer 2012 collection at the CuteCircuit online shop what this season will bring on illuminated, technology enhanced fashion for she and him.

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