Fiber Optic Tapestry

Weaving illuminated fabric using fiber-optic strands can achieve mesmerizing light effects on clothing, accessories and pillows. There are a couple of companies who offer fiber-optic fabrics and ready to wear clothing based on this technology.

Fiber-optic strands transfer light from one end of the strand straight out at the other end without loosing much of its light intensity. But when the fiber-optic strand is artificially damaged along the outside skin of the strand, some light rays escape, creating the distinctive, soft, almost mystical glow.

Artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese picked up the unique, optical property of woven fiber-optic light and transformed Tapestry which traditionally is used to feature images of great historical events, persons and mythical stories, into the always-on, internet penetrated life of the 21st Century.

The Fiber Optic Tapestry uses the internet to respond with a dynamic change of color pattern to events happening now, in real time – just the way we are living right now – always on, always connected.

RGB LEDs serve as light sources for the fiber-optic strands. The color output of the LEDs is controlled via signals from the internet based on parameter like twitter talk, flight schedules or any imaginable and available information source on the internet.

Whenever I move into a new place I make sure the cold concrete walls get a facelift with soft and warm materials like wood and fabric accents. Fabrics that respond to stimuli of  the environment or to connect to my social online life add a new dimension to the personal touch.

Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese created the Fiber Optic Tapestry in 2009 but only now, thanks to a Facebook entry by Lynne Bruning, came I across this fabulous woven artwork.

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