DIY eTextiles – remote control T-shirt

Are you one of the millions who spend a good deal of time search for that TV remote control? If yes – Designer Rebecca Albrand has a cool solution for you, the Remote Control T-Shirt.

Using a Remote control T-Shirt turns yourself into the control master of your TV and I guess you will bring fun to your family using you to switch channels.

Rebecca made the Remote Control T-Shirt together with classmate Ben Tsang during their Junior year project at the University of Arts in 2010.

The team did not use very advanced eTextile materials, using ordinary cable to run through the garment and liberating the remote control electronic from it’s hard shell plastic hopusing.

The electronic part got a soft textile housing, the button are spread over the front of the shirt and transformed into soft keys.

I love the conceptual idea of turning a every-day (lost) object into a wearable item. It is a playful but at the same time inspirational work.

Well – if I could figure out where my remote control is right now, I could upgrade my favorite T-Shirt.


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