Upcoming Wearable Technology events

Catching up on the Wearable Technology event list here are the upcoming highlights.

Eyebeam & MoMA teamed up to present a youth workshop series exploring art that you can perform and wear using the latest in portable, digital innovation.

Inspiring eTextile designer will be taught by Diana Eng how to incorporate cutting-edge technology to explore the world in which clothing, sound, and art collide.

The workshop is held every Tuesday until April 24th. More information can be found via this link.

The University of Ghent, Belgium is holding on April 25th a one day seminar titled ‘Smart Textiles meet Organic Electronics‘. The program includes an introduction to smart textiles, a lecture on the integration of electronics in smart textiles and the potential applications of organic electronics in smart textiles.

More information can be found via this link.

Smart-Tex 2012 is a workshop in Weimar, Germany aiming to introduce participants from industry and research to a group of German high tech companies in the smart textile sector.

The workshop program includes presentations, company visits and networking opportunities among the expected participants for Research, Development, Design and Industry.

This two day workshop will take place on June 11th and 12th. More information can be found via this link.

TECHNOSENSUAL. where fashion meets technology‘ is a exhibition featuring garments that combine fashion and technology while expanding the possibilities of contemporary fashion design. These smart textiles are equipped with electronic components such as sensors and LEDs or are made out of innovative and futuristic materials.

TECHNOSENSUAL will open on June 15th until Sept. 29th in Vienna, Austria. More information and details can be found via this link.

I am sure there are more events planned around wearable technology – if you know an upcoming event – please drop me a line in the comments or via the feedback button above the right navigation panel.

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