Adidas Performance Bra with HRM sensor

Adidas is renewing it’s drive into wearable tech with the launch of the Tennis Performance Bra as part of the Stella McCartney collection.

The Tennis Performance Bra features besides high performance textiles, integrated sensor patches at the front of the Bra’s band ready to be connected to the HRM sensor from the Adidas miCoach Fitness system.

Making use of the HRM detection capability is a matter of choice, the seamless integration of the sensor patches and the snap cover on the sensor connection is designed to look good and well designed without the HRM module connected.

It looks like Adidas is moving towards integrating sensing capability into their performance apparel by default, disregarding if the wearer will use this functionality or not. It’s made ready for the action but it is not a forced feature but a pleasant surprise if one decides to pick up a miCoach module, plug it into the outfit and start recording the physical activities – be it for fun or for a serious fitness build up.

From the early days onwards my opinion has been that one day certain wearable tech features should be build into every garment, should be there and if I what to use it – snap on the (electrical) brain power to establish the link to the smart (phone) stuff in my pocket.

Sensing functions like ECG, motion, temperature or respiration could be very well become a standard feature, a ‘ready for action’ label on sport apparel. Sensors are relatively low cost and relatively low complexity add-on components which should make it suitable to fit the established apparel fabrication methods.

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