DIY eTextiles – creating a natural link between tech and textiles

In this week’s eTextile DIY article I like to introduce you to Fio, a designer and maker of awesome things like the textile projects I have found on her website.

My favorite design in Fio’s portfolio is the E-embroidery image. It is not the first time embroidery has been combined with LED light but this particular design jumped at me because of the discrete, seamless integration of light points.

I love the concept to light up – literally – a old tradition craft like making embroidery images with active light elements which can be programmed to light up via light sensor detecting the approaching night or a temperature activated light effect or motion sensor to activate the lights when a person approaches the image.

Incorporating light elements by blending them seamless and naturally into a design like Fio has done in her E-embroidery image is as important as the technical ‘specification / functionality’ of eTextile designs.

Designing with wearable technology requires a good portion of aesthetic considerations besides the technical needs to create a natural relationship between techno and textiles.

Check out Fio’s digital/electric portfolio for more inspiration.

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