Cycling in style – Sporty Supaheroe jacket

Light animated cycling apparel are on course to become the latest trend in technology enhanced clothing.

The advantage of active-light elements for cycling apparel is a greater visibility at night and with it a much lower risk for cyclists to be over run by a car.

UTOPE, a cooperation between Wolfgang Langeder (CEO and Designer of Utope) and Stretchable Circuits / Fraunhofer IZM came up with the Sporty Supaheroe jacket, a stylish looking piece of clothing loaded with the latest technologies.

The most visible part of the Sporty Supaheroe jacket it the 64 RGB-LED flexible display placed in segments on the front, back and shoulder part, capable of painting millions of colors on this jacket.

The colors and illumination pattern is corresponding to the movement via an acceleration sensor and a 3D-gyroscope, merging the jackets appearance with the movement of the wearer.

Another neat feature is the visual link between a smartphone stowed away in the jacket pocket. Incoming calls are signaled with a light pattern on the jackets outside.

Besides creating cool light pattern in sync to movement, this system could be programmed to indicate a slow down with red lights on the back of the jacket or when tilting to either side could indicate a right or left turn.

Can you buy the Sporty Supaheroe jacket? Not yet but UTOPE will launch a menswear collection merging innovative technologies with elements from sportswear and traditional menswear clothing within 2012.

[via: Gizmag]


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