Wearable sensing for sport activities

Professional as well as fitness sport apparel look like to become a prime area for wearable technology integration.

In the past few month I have seen a increase in research and development activities for integrated sensory functions in sport apparel and accessories.

Using ‘smart shirts’ to capture the body condition of athletes is one area where wearable, integrated sensor will shine in the near future. Integrating sensing capabilities into apparel provides the most convenient solution, taking away manual measurements or wiring up the body before hitting the sports ground.

Other areas in which wearable sensing becomes highly interesting is motion capturing during training activities to improve pitching or swinging.

Besides the high interest of using motion monitoring in Baseball training, golf is another area that relies on the swing accuracy.

A company called SensoGlove has developed the – you guessed it – SensoGlove, smart electronic dashed away on the backhand side of the glove. Once the control unit got the perfect pressure data fed into it, it will monitor your swing capability by getting your actual applied pressure from the gloves integrated sensors.

For golf enthusiasts a perfect training aid, taking away the need to have a trainer watching the practice swings.

This is one of the many examples we see popping up in the market where wearable tech can clearly demonstrate it’s usefulness in the commercial market.


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