Wearable Tech and E-Textiles Meetup

Mika Uehara, Co-Founder of SF FASHION+TECH is organizing a ‘Wearable Tech and E-Textiles Meetup‘ for the wearable tech community in and around the SF Bay Area on March 21st from 7-9pm at the TechShop San Francisco.

Please follow this link for details and registration, the space is very limited.

The ‘Wearable Tech and E-Textiles Meetup’ is planned to be a regular event for the community. The agenda includes a discussion about the goal and direction of the wearable tech meetup, introduction of the San Francisco wearable community members and last but not least – start the discussions on wearables and fashion.

SF FASHION+TECH is a San Francisco based organization set up to promote and support the development of businesses and products at the intersection of fashion, design, and technology.

The team at SF FASHION+TECH provides support and assistance, making connection between research, designer and manufacturing to enable a seamless transfer from idea to product – a great service that will be very useful for aspiring wearable tech designer to help moving ideas from the drawing board into the harsh environment of the production floor. Just kidding, it’s cool to see your idea, made by yourself on the kitchen table, will one day run on a production line.

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